What We Do


With a complete staff of planners, accountants and an Elder Law attorney, we specialize in five key areas to provide you
with a comprehensive and successful retirement.

  • Risk Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Income Planning


  • Retirement Planning
    We make sure our clients have a strategy and sound financial plans that will account for the assets one needs in retirement. Making your future bigger than your past; eliminating worry and stress about money; and making sure your family is ready to inherit your vision. What goals do you have for retirement? What kind of lifestyle do you envision?
  • Income Planning
    Experts agree that the number one concern of Baby Boomers is the possibility of outliving their income. We work with you to discover what you feel is most important. We’ll help you focus on what type of lifestyle you want to live and how much income you will need to make it a reality. Together we’ll find an effective strategy.
  • Estate Planning
    No matter how small your estate may be, Estate Planning can ensure that your property will go to the people you want, in the way you want and when you want. With proper Estate Planning, you can save significantly on taxes and attorney fees. At a minimum; a Will, Durable Power of Attorney and an Estate Trust manages your estate in the manner you would like during your life and after you are gone.
  • Tax Reduction
    Our economy is very uncertain at best. For this reason, the average retiree generally wants to have as much disposable income available as possible.  In an environment of potentially rising taxes, it’s important to incorporate tax planning into all your financial decisions.  Are you paying too much in income tax?  Do you even know how much you are paying in income tax?  Utilizing an income strategy to only pay taxes on the money you spend and not on the money you save can maximize your retirement income stream while minimizing taxes.
  • Speaking Engagements
    Our Retirement & Income Planners are available for public events, work-site presentations and educational workshops.  The client determines the specifications of their event we will accommodate your needs.
  • On-Site Educational Seminars
    We are available to come to your worksite, community center, church, school campus or any other venue, and give presentations on several topics.  Based on the client’s requirements, presentations can be modified or combined to fit your needs.

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